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I should be me.

       Anyone, Anywhere

This blog, website, IP address which streams some characters to your device, call it what you want - I want it to be more than just another blog. It is a platform from where I publish my thoughts that are either too long or impractical for social networks, and it will serve as well as a safe place where I wouldn't draw unwanted comments. I am open for discussion in real life, but I hardly have time for it. I think my time is better spent being productive and doing some things like writing, music making, programming, etc. Actually, it is not reserved for myself only, if anyone wants to contribute in some way, or even publish something here, please let me know. I hope it is about computers, music, philosophy, or cats, and that your heart is beating on the left side, but don't be discouraged, just try, I am also open to sharing the code and helping if you want to build a similar place for yourself. Plan is to extend this site further with more features as I go. It should give you the ability to create and view things as you go through it, in the end it should become a reflection of you as much as it is a reflection of me.

This is still work in progress, and can only dedicate little time to technical aspects of it. You can check the site version in the head element and see how far is the fabulous version 1.00.


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