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Let's put the fun back in autochauvinism

19th August 2019, 22:45

And if police is so corrupted and intertwined with criminals, becoming undistiguishible from one that it should fight against, then it's all fine, since in that case it is always at the scene of the crime. 


I am making far less progress on my nonlinear blog and far more music, but that's how it is for now. I do code a lot other things and I will get back eventually to this.


There is no place I would rather be

5th August 2019, 22:44

Hi again, different day, different media, it's only me that is getting older. I hope this is my promised land to try out some things. Blogging is only the beginning and I wouldn't bother much if it does not serve as a basis for something larger. It will not be spoken about yet, but as it takes shape slowly it will crawl out on these pages. For now you will have news, blog posts, some info on my music and poetry, and I will make regularly new content as well as improve the form of it. It will not always be in English, or it will not necessarily be in any language at all.

And in the end you should say something like "I knew it, I knew all along, no other Mali Robot could take his place". Because it's not about Ex>Misha anymore, not about Celik Promet, but about a qualitative sum of things which for now could just seem like some seisse verbosity without actual need for that.

And it will gradually get self-justified if not evident immediately through the spectacle before the eyes (ears), enclosing it's own space where it draws the line to the outside though engaging as if it is and always been outside.

Also, it should be funny in a way.    



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